No matter which store, they’re always nearly out of plain soy milk but they’ve got a full shelf of vanilla-flavored. Has the purchasing department been bribed by Big Vanilla?

A blue jay is sitting on the garden fence. A minute ago, he was holding a cicada in his beak. Then he swallowed it. Since then, he’s been sitting there with his mouth wide open. Suspect cicadas don’t taste very good. 🌱

I haven’t filled up the bird feeder lately, so a squirrel just climbed up there with a walnut in his mouth. BYON.

Had to clean up a roadkill skunk in 95° heat today. Even though I’m fully vaccinated, I think I’m going to keep a mask around. They come in handy.

The way things are named in the Pentagon these days, maybe the Navy should change its name to the United States Water Force. #mbnov

The pampas grass was knocked down by a storm. I had to bind each tuft up with string to keep it off the ground. It looks ridiculous. #mbnov

The kids across the street are using a bicycle pump to inflate a glow-in-the-dark basketball so they can keep playing. #mbnov

What will the holiday shopping season be like this year? Without all the hustling and bustling? It’s puzzling. #mbnov

Old pickup truck with Farm Use plates, up on blocks. Drive shaft lying on the ground. Underneath the chassis, near the socket wrenches, a crystal ashtray. #mbnov

According to the OED, “astonish” used to be the word for what an electric eel does to you. “Stunned” also used to be spelled with an “o”. I love dictionaries.

The smartest professors warned last summer not to schedule any exams this week. No matter how things come out, the students won’t be able to concentrate. #mbnov

“Once upon a midnight dreary…” is all done for now. November 1st is a traditional holiday for ravens after the rush of October. #mbnov

Playing a CD of Mozart’s 1st Horn Concerto in my car. Park. Go into hardware store, where they’re playing Mozart’s 2nd Horn Concerto. 🧐

Apple tree bloomed yesterday. Winds gusting to 40 knots today. It’s always something with fruit trees.

A pileated woodpecker has come by this morning to tell me I have termites in the timbers around a raised bed in my garden.