Elapsed time from when the red-tailed hawk departed the fence-post by the bird feeder until the squirrels returned was under two minutes. 🦅⏱🐿

“Moderation is the health of the soul.” - La Rochefoucauld

“There are things in life one does well to carry to extremes.” -Cyrano

First time I’ve seen a Trigger Warning in a book in French: “Existential horror; abyss; spider; mushrooms.” OK, you have my attention.

Reading a paper by Tom Shippey is always a trip: “Kemble has been treated very kindly by English scholars, as the founding father of their discipline, but I have to say that in my opinion he became, in the end, clinically insane.”

Me vs. Apple

Upgraded to MacOS Sonoma last weekend. 🍎overwrote my HTTPD configuration file, for some reason that no doubt makes sense to them. Here’s what I had to fix: 1. uncomment the lines with “userdir” in httpd.conf 2. uncomment the “Include” line in extra/httpd-userdir.conf 3. uncomment the lines with “cgid” in httpd.conf

Why, yes, I am using my iMac to do things that Apple would like me to pay them for on iCloud. But that couldn’t have anything to do with it, could it?

Somebody dropped a bag of dry cat food in the grocery-store parking lot, where it burst open. I have never seen so many pigeons in my life.

I hope you never need to know this, but #ClevelandClinic appointments in 9300 Euclid Avenue and 9500 Euclid Avenue are in the same building and you go to the same place. Navigation apps say very confusing things about that.

🌱 When the weather cooled down in September, a couple of volunteer pea vines sprouted along the permanent trellis. I harvested a free bowl of snow peas this week, just before the frost. I wonder who pollinated them? #gardening

At the breakfast buffet. The tray had five strips of #bacon all stuck together. I know a message from the gods when I see one.

New feature at the #library: the check-out process ends with the computer telling me I’ve saved $15.99 this year by using the public library. That’s a bit of an underestimate. They should include the $250 of volumes they got me through Inter-Library Loan last month.

Got a campaign mailer from a nutcase running for sheriff.

He thinks schoolchildren ought to learn cursive handwriting and touch typing. He thinks the Constitution (he doesn’t say which one) forbids campaign contributions. He agrees that sheriffs have statutory authority to protect the Constitution. He thinks banning “screens” in schools will prevent vandalism. He’s on a first-name basis with George Mason. I suppose it goes without saying that he has a degree in electrical engineering.

This makes me sad. I used to like this sort of wacko. Sometimes when I didn’t like the guy who was going to get 80% of the vote in a gerrymandered district, I’d even vote for them. But all the fun has gone out of it now.

In French, a well-dressed person is “chic”. In German, she’s “schick”. In English, she looks “sharp”. Who borrowed the word from whom? #etymology

The most remarkable thing about the #English language is the word “palooka”. My ancestors coined a word whose only purpose is to insult someone who could kill them with his bare fists.

This is the time of year when the mailman brings me stacks of reminders of how many times I’ve typed Bilbo Baggins’s birthday into web forms.

The ancient Romans had another god, similar to Janus, who could listen in two directions. He was usually portrayed as a male figure with an ear on each side of his head, but his cult has been forgotten because the statues looked like just some guy.

Can anyone recommend a tutorial on multinomial modeling that’s not for machine-learning application? I’m more interested in #CausalInference than prediction. #rstats

The Virginia DMV will provide car owners, for a consideration, with a “don’t tread on me” license plate. It’s a useful warning label, usually. But today I saw one where the license number was “IAM SNK”. Maybe this person is OK.

In the woods by the river, cleaning up trash. A cloud of bugs is buzzing around my head. So I walked carefully over towards a spider web. Two of them got caught in it, and the spider came rushing over to grab them. I have been trying to do that for 15 years. This was my first success.