My neighbor across the street is shoveling snow off his driveway. He has a 10-year-old son; my father would have regarded that as a failure of parenting.

Reverse list test #2:
3. Use HTML pre tag
2. Put in newlines manually
1. Fix autocorrect when it splits “newlines” into two words

Trying again.

  1. This line starts with a “4” because the list is in reverse order.
  2. I typed this line with a “3” at the beginning.
  3. This line starts with a “2”.
  4. Number 1 comes last, in traditional Letterman style.

Leaderboard: most boring pop lyrics of all time. 🎶

  1. “So therefore”: Dexy’ s Midnight Runners, “Come on, Eileen”
  2. “Et cetera”: The Turtles, “Elenore”
  3. “…”: REM, “Lotus”

Could someone please invent a wine basket for the outside of a car, so that the champagne is chilled by the time I get home?

Bleg 📚 I recall reading a science-fiction story (1970’s?) about robotic child-care workers that were as close to human as could be. Adults were fooled, but the children developed a new sense that enabled them to see the difference. Who wrote it?

The plan is to surreptitiously replace all the shopping-mall Christmas music with Telemann concerti, and see how long it takes for anyone to notice. 🎶

“Grading on the steep curve by which he is judged…” …and there’s no need to read any further into that column. 🗑

Looked up “gammon” in the OED. “1601 P. Holland tr. Pliny Hist. World II. 332 In the pestle and gammond both of a swine, there be certain ioint whirlbones.”

Forget gammon. I’m going to try to use “whirlbone” in conversation today.

I had a tweet go viral last week. It was nice to meet a thousand new, interesting people, but I’m glad to be back in two-fave obscurity.