Just came in from planting kale in the vegetable garden. Kind of a surprise to see the water turn brown when I washed my hands. First time in a week.

Neighborhood dog-walker had an old bulldog with her & two little terriers straining their leashes in different directions. “Water molecule!” I said, but nobody laughed.

Pulled a bag of invasive weeds out of the woods yesterday. My wife made them into pesto, which we put on linguini and ate for dinner. I woke up alive this morning, so all is well.

They usually have the news on TV at the Old White Guy Diner (excellent cheeseburgers). Today all the screens were dark.

Yesterday’s project required a piece of hardware that’s been sitting in my toolbox since 1994. I was sure I’d need it someday. Home-improvement triumph!🏆

Went to a store today. Has anyone measured the influence of Christmas music on the growth of online shopping?

First frost last night. Covered the carrots by cutting the bottoms out of some milk jugs and zip-tying them to stakes. That’ll keep them from getting too cold.

My neighbor across the street is teaching his son how to play “cornhole”. Unfortunately, he used to be a minor-league pitcher so he puts 5 out of 6 beanbags in the hole every turn. That boy is in for a harsh life lesson…

This excavator was stopped at a red light beside me. There was no such sign on the truck cab — they know me too well.

Walking the riverbank with a forester from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. Attacked by stinging insects. He grabs jewelweed leaves, mashes them up, and smears them on his arms. I follow suit, right arm only. Left arm is control. It works! No itching at all on right arm.

Me, looking at rows of little jars, in no apparent order: “How are these arranged?” Clerk: “By the lady who stocks the shelves.” 😀

Harvested 12 pounds of fingerling potatoes yesterday. Pretty good, considering that I didn’t plant potatoes this year.

Lately iTunes hasn’t been downloading two of my favorite podcasts reliably. I suppose this is to be expected, now that Apple has deprecated it. But I would like to keep using my iPod Classic. Can anyone recommend an app that will do that for me?

Rescued this little guy after he fell 5 feet down into a disused outhouse on the farm. If I don’t think of something better, my friends are going to name him “Pooh”.

Hey, google & amazon: you wanna be useful? Don’t show me ads for things you think I want. Show me things my brother wants for his birthday. (He always says “whatever.”)

I don’t think I’m really going to count as fluent in French until I stop reading “biologique” as “belgique”.